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  • We SUPPORT LOCALS not some private owners. Are you rborawan tour package - borawantourpackage.wordpress.comeally helping the locals? Or some private owners who seemed owned by Locals? With us, rest assured we do. Thus we send quests to small houses/nipa owned and operated by locals not private ones who most of the time offer all-in especially at BorawanThere is only growth if the locals around are growing too. We share the blessings to them (locals) so that they too, will grow. 
  • Google trusts us and says we have the authority! No wonder our anawangin and hundred islands blogs are currently at Page 1 in Google. You see, even google can’t ignore us! Google trusts us so much that’s why we’re highly recommended.
  • We fight for value not for price. We do offer promos lowering our price but not jeopardizing our friends (espc boatmen) service to the point of choking them. Borawan Package Chose UsIf you felt bad for receiving a low wage for something you have worked for. Please don’t pass the feeling.
  • We follow the standard rates for the boat services whether in borawan, dampalita, kuwebang lamas, anawangin, nagsasa, talisayen cove,potipot (potipot tour package),  hundred islands or any other areas where boat services is a must. Sometimes we pay even more. The same goes with accommodation.

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Sa'min, siguradong mga locals ang natutulungan po ninyo not private individuals who most of the time offering all-in at borawan. We prefer helping locals.

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